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Frequently asked questions

Fallen44  is a small new innovative yoyo company currently offering creatively made wooden fixed axle, and unresponsive yoyos. The company is based around horror movies, and characters to help gear us a little more towards the adult side of things. All of our yoyos are handmade which means they are not exactly the same, and may have tiny imperfections.    


Wooden yoyos are not like metal, they will have some vibe due to the natural state of wood. Generally, the density of wood varies throughout the piece.  This essentially means the weight of the wood could be heavier in the right side than the left, which would create a vibe. Our responsive yoyos will always have a slight vibe, but we would never sell anything that is unplayable.  The unresponsive yoyos will also have a tiny bit of natural wood vibe, but are sent out tuned up. This tuning can go out of whack if you take your yoyo apart for any reason and we do not recommend you do this unless you want to take the time to tune it back. Weather conditions can also have effect on our wooden yoyos, as some wood tends to "move" in different weather conditions.  


So you have taken your new unresponsive wooden yoyo apart and now it vibrates harder than a sleazy motel room's bed?  No problem, what has happened is you have distributed the weight differently within the two halves, so give the halves a slight twist, and throw it, repeat this until your yoyo is back to the natural wood vibe that it had when you first threw it. 


Our unresponsive yoyos use a very unique response system which gives it a snappy return.  When you first put a string on your yoyo it might feel a bit too slippery, here a few things you can do. 

  •  Throw it a few mare times and let the string break in a bit more.

  •  Rub a little bit of our Blood Stick on the string, Inside the loop that is touching the axle. 

  •  You can also use the double wrap technique, where you wrap the axle two times, this will probably decrease your spin time and make your yoyo very responsive. 

Refunds or returns

You can request a video to see how any of our yoyos on the site play via our Instagram, since these are handmade each one will play differently. When you purchase a yoyo the exact one that you saw will be sent to you. Each yoyo has a lot of time, money, and effort put into them, these are not competition yoyos, however they are absolutely playable. Think of these yoyos as a playable pieces of art, that look and play unlike anything else you have in your collection. That being said there will not be any refunds given however if you are completely unsatisfied i'm sure we can come up with a solution to make you happy. 

How do they play?

Ed Haponik- Sponsored player for Core Co


" I dig the yo-yo. It's small and zippy and the walls feel great. The response area gives it a little of a mid-school starburst feel. On the one hand I worry that I'm gonna snap a string, but haven't yet and I like the feel. The osage is cool. Great density for a yo-yo like this, and it's really smooth."

Nate Martsolf- Sponsored player for G2yoyo


“The Sixth Sense by Fallen44 is one of the smoothest wood fixed axle I’ve ever thrown. It is very well crafted, has a nice weight to it, and can land any fixed axle trick you can throw at it.”

Thomas Velto - Throws N' Brews


The Sixth Sense is a stall monster. The high walls and interesting response makes for easy stalls and smooth regens. The ability to pick different woods to choose the weight that most fits your play style or most compliments your collection is an added bonus. I like everything about the Sixth Sense.

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